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Tyki Mikk
Pointless musings of a fangirl.
Feel the epic geek!
7th-Mar-2034 11:09 am(no subject)
Tyki Mikk

Comment to be added!
31st-Jan-2012 12:27 pm - Big Doujinshi Clearout!
All Sold! :3

I'm clearing out a huge bulk of my doujins, and as I desperately need space am selling these at ridiculously cheap prices! It's a great chance to grab a bargain - or make a start towards a new collection.

I'm based in the UK, and especially for the larger lots as these are quite heavy I'd recommend UK or perhaps European buyers only due to shipping costs. But if you are based elsewhere and want a quote I shall endeaver to find the cheapest shipping possible for you.

I believe shipping to the UK will be roughly between £4-8 depending on the lot and I'll work it out exactly if you are interested.

Payment is by Paypal only or concealed cash sent at your own risk if you are in the UK.

As these are mixed lots there WILL BE ADULT CONTENT. Don't buy if this may offend you!

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1st-Sep-2011 06:46 pm - Feedback Page
Buyers of my stuff: Please leave me feedback here! <3
16th-Aug-2011 01:19 pm - Doujinshi Sale
Tyki Mikk
I'm having a clear out of some of my doujinshi! All prices are negotiable and I'm happy to do good deals for those interested in more than one book.
I'm based in the UK - so domestic shipping will be £1 per book (I'll also convert the prices to pounds for you!) and free for each book after that. Shipping to Europe is $3.50 per book and everywhere else is $5, extra books will be free postage.
I accept payment by paypal only, unless you are in the UK and I will accept concealed cash (sent at your own risk!) or a cheque, though I will have to wait for the cheque to clear before shipping.

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27th-Nov-2010 06:08 pm - Icons
Tyki Mikk
I was bored today so decided to make some icons. They're all Bleach and D.gray-man (by which I mean nearly all Tyki :3). Snag if you happen to like any!



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